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90 Degree HDMI90 Degree HDMI — Our new right-angle HDMI cables make tight, on-wall installations easy.


Products We Deliver

We have worked to source and audit some of the highest quality factories in China producing a variety of product lines.

Following is a partial list:


Audio / Video Cables

- HDMI Cables
- HDMI-DVI Cables
- S-Video Cables
- Toslink Cables
- HDTV-3 Conductor Cables


Fiber Optic Cables

- Lengths From 1-30 Meters
- Multimode 50/125
- Multimode 62.5/125
- 10 Gig 50/125 (Aqua)
- Singlemode Cables


Fiber Accessories

- Fiber Attenuators (5, 10, 15, 20dB)
- Fiber Couplers (LC, ST, SC, MTRJ)
- Fiber Media Converters

Factory Direct Savings

China Cables Direct is a leading importer of a wide variety of cable and connector solutions for all of your Data, Voice and Audio/Video Cable needs.

We bring factory direct pricing to our clients so that you receive the lowest cost, highest quality and quickest delivery on all of your Data, Voice and Audio/Video Cable and component requirements. Our factory relationships have proven to save our clients between 30% to 50% from the current suppliers they are working with.

China Cables Direct has over 15 years of direct to factory experience allowing us to deliver Fiber Optic Cables & Connectors, Copper Assemblies & Bulk Cable, Audio/Video Cables for Home Theater such as HDMI, HDMI-DVI Cable, Toslink Cable, RCA Cable-3 and many more.

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On-Site Quality Control

Along with our experience in importing product from China we also have our own Quality Assurance/Quality Control staff in China who are responsible to oversee all of the factories that we work with and provide the quality control procedures for all of the orders that we have produced.

The factories that China Cables Direct works with are ISO 9001 Certified and the products have passed certifications for CE,GS,UL,TUV CERT HDMI ATC Testing just to name a few.

China Cables Direct has written Quality Assurance Plans for all of the products we produce in place at all of our factories on the production lines to make certain that the factory workers are aware of the manufacturing guidelines for each product produced.

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